What Are The Toughest Types Of Martial Arts?

We are all aware that Martial Arts is considered to be one of the best self defence methods that man has ever invented. Even though we are only aware of the few common ones like Karate, there are many more types that you might have not heard of before. In fact, you will find some interesting details about martial arts that you haven’t known before. Following are the deadliest types of self defence techniques known to man right now.

Krav MagaThis was introduced at the defence force of Israel and is considered to be the deadliest type as of yet. Little advise to you; do not even try this for entertainment purposes for this has been purely developed to completely defeat the opponent where they are considered of absolutely no value. The sole purpose of this is to defeat the enemy until death giving utter pain that he/she will not be able to survive the battle. “Hurt them real bad and get away” is the slogan which is commonly used by Krav Maga fighters.

LineLinear Infighting Neural Override Engagement; the second deadliest type that we are about explain. Line is only an abbreviation that is used to represent the above mentioned terms. US Marine Corps were the first to use this type of art in their fighting in the 90s. This is a blend of several types of other martial arts techniques. For instance, it includes the famous hip throws used in classical Judo fighting. This is considered even more dangerous than types like Muay Thai and Kung Fu which are also known to be pretty tough in this subject.

Rough and TumbleThis takes us back to the age of the 17th century. This is quite a brutal type of martial arts that dates back to the American Revolution. This has been originated in the United States and involves much humanely attacks like tongue biting and eye gauging which will result in great pain for the opponent. Unlike Muay Thai Lessons in Singapore or Karate, this form is much merciless and painful.

NinjutsuOriginated in Japan, the main focus was on assassination back in the day. The common term used to those who learn and practise this type is called hinin which also means non-humans. In addition to this, it also was put into the use of war.

These arts can be used for the best of a person’s interest without hurting others. Therefore, if you are interested in learning these martial arts, then you must solely base it for your self defence for harming another human is never encouraged.