The Many Uses Of Metal

Metal has various uses. Nearly everything is made out of it or has at least a bit of it in them. There are many different types of metals and each has different properties. The value of metal also differs depending on its type. Here are some of its uses:

ConstructionThe best kind of metal to use for construction is iron and steel. Iron and steel are known for their strength. Therefore it could withstand heavy weights. They are mostly used for reinforced concrete, columns, foundation, roofing etc.

MedicineOur bodies carry micro amounts of the material in them. The metal in our body help us in carrying oxygen by blood and facilitating of enzyme reaction. Metals such as Iron, Sodium, Magnesium and potassium are some of them that are available. Therefore they are used to cure types of deficiency.

Metal is also used for medical equipment as well. Equipment such as syringes, scissors, scalpels and surgical blades are few examples of tools made out of the material.

ElectronicsElectronics such as TV’s, fridges, phones and air conditioners are some of the electronic items we use in our daily lives. All these equipment rely on electricity to work. Copper and lead are very good facilitators of electricity.

Even the creation of these items requires metal. There are many outer as well as inner components are made out of metal. Usually the more expensive electronics are made out of metal while the cheaper models are made out of plastic but since 3D printing metals is available, most of these parts will become easier to produce and cheaper. This means more and more of the material will be used to create electronics. The primary metal used in creating the outer components is aluminium.

Automobiles and machineryMost automobiles and machinery are made out of metal. From Airplanes to motor bikes, all use metal. The most commonly used types are Iron, steel and aluminium. Machinery includes motors, drills, satellites etc. These metals need to be very strong and withstand high pressure and temperature. Airplanes and Satellites in particular need to be strong, withstand resistance and also be lightweight.

New technology such as 3D printing with metal gives us limitless possibilities. There are many tests that are undertaken to make sure the machinery and the automobile are strong and safe but with 3D printing we can make perfect products without any flaws.

JewelleryThere are many rare and special materials such as Gold, Silver and Platinum which are used to create jewellery. Due to its rarity these metals are expensive and are used as status symbols.

CookingKitchen utensils such as knives, spoons and forks are best when made out of steel and aluminium. This is because they are strong, can be used either wet or dry and can withstand different temperatures.

FurnitureFurniture such as some chairs, fans, cupboards are sometimes made out of metal due to their strength and durability.

These are the main uses of metal but there is also the bullion market where people invest in gold and silver. Some countries’ economies depend on the export of precious these materials. There are many other uses of metal as well and there will always be present the demand for it.