Selecting Your First Mac Computer

Since Mac has a limited selection of models, it makes it easier for you to set your mind on one option. But each option can be quite different in terms of style, models available, customization possibilities and performance. There are a lot of benefits of choosing an Apple computer such as its simple graphical user interface, long lifespan, integration of hardware with software and the high quality of security offered. We have come up with a list of things to consider when it comes to buying an Apple computer, especially if this is the first time you’re considering this operating system.

State of the computer; new, refurbished or used
One of the downsides to Apple computers is its high cost. But you can consider a few options to mitigate this factor. It should be noted that buying it new would save you a lot of worry because of guarantees and after-sales support. You will also be able to customize it any way you want, especially if you purchase from official Apple stores. But if you’re a student, bearing the cost of such a computer can be quite difficult. Students can qualify for Apple’s Education discount as well. Otherwise, you can go for a refurbished model that usually comes with a one year guarantee.

Selecting a model
You have to be careful when it comes to selecting models because the more features you go for, the more expensive it is going to be. You have to limit yourself to your budget. If you’re switching from a personal computer into a Mac, Mac Mini is a good option. Mac also provides desktop computers with considerably good specifications and a broad range of customization options. Then there’s MacBook Air, which is very convenient if you’re frequently travelling. But this laptop is mostly suitable for light usage such as listening to music and browsing the web. MacBook Pro, while it’s expensive provides many options for customization and has good specifications.

Customization of the computer
This is the next step after choosing a model. If you bought it from the official Apple Store, you can make changes such as using a powerful processor, more storage space, bigger RAM etc.

Processors and RAM
Mac processors are quite different from those used in Windows computers as they don’t need a lot of processing power. The speed of the processor depends on what you use the computer for. A standard iMac in Singapore can get by with a processor that has a speed of about 2GHz. But if you’re using the computer for complex tasks such as graphic design and video editing, you may need a processor with a greater speed. When it comes to RAM, consider upgrading it if it’s not sufficient for your needs. A lower RAM may cause the computer to freeze or malfunction.