How To Decorate A Living Room?

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is where you entertain guests. This will actually give an idea of the overall theme of the house. You have to be very careful in decorating the living room because it’s what your visitors first see and they are bound to build up an impression of the rest of the house through it. There are many ways of brightening up a living room and few of the methods are mentioned in the article below.
Give new life to old furnitureYou might still be using the same furniture you have used from the start. You could start by selecting new furniture that goes with the theme you set for the house. But if you’re financially challenged, you can remake your living room just by adding a few touches to your old furniture. One of the ways of making a change is by adding colourful throw pillow to the furniture or changing the fabric of the cushions into a new colour.
New light fixturesYour living room area can be framed by a beautiful set of lamps. You can play with how the room is lit by changing the intensity of the lamp and thinking about how light will be distributed. For example, you can maintain constant lighting levels throughout the room or you can highlight a focus area by setting the highest intensity of light there and gradually decreasing it when you get to the edges. You need not overwhelm the space with bright lighting. It is up to you to choose a theme to the room. For example, you can have a modern simplistic look with a minimal lamp design or a more rustic theme with timber flooring, antique furniture and funky light fittings.
Add splashes of colourYou can effectively brighten up the room by choosing colour wisely. One of the ways of making a room more exciting is adding little touches of colour here and there. You should do it in a way that the colour doesn’t overwhelm the room. For example, you can buy Home Décor Accessories in Singapore with a unique colour palette so that they stand out in the space. These accessories can be located at strategic places in order to focus the attention of the viewer. You can also do a few changes to the existing surrounding. One way of doing this is adding coloured inserts or painting the empty space at the back of bookshelves. Another way is to add a patterned border to your old curtains which will immediately give them a new look.
Experiment with living greenPlants can brighten up a space perfectly. You can place a small potted plant in the middle of the room or keep a leafy plant in a corner. You can also frame the entryway by vegetation, highlighting it from the background. You can do this by flanking the entrance door with two tall plants. You can also add colour to your house by having small potted flowering plants near the windows. If this seems like a messy option, try for flowering plants right outside the windows. This will brighten up your view from the inside.