Fixing A Broken Smile

Human emotions are as complex as they are intriguing. The ability to communicate them through mere facial expressions is undoubtedly one of the most significant advantages that man carries with him. One of the most basic and essential human emotions is joy. The ability to express it comes naturally, and smiling has been proven to be an inbuilt trait in humans.

However, what do you do if your smile embarrasses you? If smiling itself does not bring you joy, but causes you discomfort and low self-esteem?

Today, modern dental care in Singapore methods has meant that any broken smile can be fixed. Whether it is stand teeth from years of smoking or a stubborn jawline that makes one’s teeth jut forward, corrective dentistry and surgical orthodontia has provided for an array of modern methods to deal with any kind of dental concern.

Modern methods

Braces are the obvious picture that your mind will draw when you think of fixing irregular teeth or jaws. However, modern version are available that negate the discomfort and embarrassment brought on by traditional braces. Some such developments are Invisalign and Incognito hidden braces. They allow for all the corrective benefits of traditional braces, but without the bulky appendages that would usually be fixed to your teeth. This means that your daily life and even your psychological well0being does not have to be affected or compromised simply due to you getting your teeth fixed.

Corrective surgeryToday, any established and reputed dental practitioner or institute can offer a selection of surgical procedures for any form of corrective oral care. These can range from extractions and implants, to more advanced procedures, such as jaw realignment. In fact, such services are so widely available today, that one has virtually no excuse for not having a dazzling smile.

However, cost can sometimes be a factor that discourages a person from getting the necessary dental services he needs. While some healthcare plans of employers do cover oral healthcare, it is also possible now for individuals to opt for instalment payments for certain procedures, allowing them to break up their payments to make it more affordable. IN fact, some dental practitioners offer such instalment plans interest free.

Whether it is to get a tooth filled or simply a routine check-up, making the time for oral hygiene and its care is essential to maintain good health. Good health is virtually negated if one’s oral health is poor, and as such it can be identified as one of the foundation stones of sound health and happiness.