Financial Effects Of A Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important events of a person’s life and of those around them. Although we rarely notice, for the parents, sisters and brothers of the bride and groom, the event is as big a milestone in their lives as it is for the happy couple. However, this also means more interventions from those around the couple, more people to invite and impress. This all leads to the bottom line of a massive wedding reception bill. If one has the money to afford such a big fancy wedding, sure, why not. However, this article is for those of us who do not have the same luxury and thus need to cut down and manage our finances in order to stay afloat after the wedding.

Do not go over budget

An error most of us do is to initially budget everything concerning the wedding, but not stick to it. During the preparations we go completely over board on the decorations and the food that at the end of the wedding day, you realize you have no more money left to live and start life as a couple and hunt for place from where to get personal loan in Singapore from.

The best money lender in terms of weddings, are your parents that offers flexible process. Feel no shame in asking for a little money to conduct the festivities, however, remember to pay them back as a couple later on. The best way to not go over budget therefore, is to plan ahead on what is essential and stick to the list. Frequently updating the list and the finances on a spreadsheet will help you keep track of the expenses and the total budget as a whole and prevent you from exceeding the limit.

The Guest List

This is the trickiest part of the whole wedding business. Who to invite and who to cut down? Especially if you are from a big Asian family, this is a very fine line which is rarely crossed. Not inviting a second cousin’s wife’s brother twice removed may have dramatic effects on the family gossip lines and have a lasting effect on your existence within the family. However, this is also the area which costs the most amount of money and one should feel no shame in cutting off a few of those relatives one has not met in the last ten years. Unless your parents are spending for the wedding, do not let them talk you into inviting all the distant relatives you do not know. While this may sound very crude, reserve a certain number of seats for your parents and ask them to decide on who they want in those seats.